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First aid

This article is about the concept of first aid. A First Aid textbook on the practice of first aid is under development at Wikipedia textbooks.

First aid is a series of simple, life-saving medical procedures that a layman can be trained to perform in medical emergency situations, before the intervention of emergency medical technicians or doctors. It is best to obtain training in first aid before a medical emergency occurs. Supplies useful in giving first aid are often kept together in a first aid kit.

Training in first aid is often available through community organizations such as the American Red Cross or the American Heart Association. First aid instruction is a part of military basic training and the Scouting movement. In many British Commonwealth countries the Order of St. John provides first aid training and operates Ambulance services.

Conditions that often necessitate first aid

Techniques and providers of first aid

The rock and roll band Live used the name First Aid for a time before achieving much success in the music world.