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Basic Combat Training

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Basic Combat Training (BCT) —or Basic Training— is the military training procedure in which military personnel, typically the enlisted ranks, are introduced and indoctrinated in the basic discipline and role functions of the organization.

The process has been described as a form of brainwashing in which inductees are encouraged to submerge their individuality partially in favour of their unit. To that end, standard uniforms are issued and the troops are shaved and grooved upon arrival in order to have their appearance be as uniform as possible. In addition, the trainees are instructed to move and respond in unison to encourage a group mentality. At the same time, the trainees are subjected to numerous physical activity trials to both to familarize the trainees in the demands of combat and to weed out the less able and/or willing trainees, which not only strengthens the unit's overall physical ability, but also builds morale for the remaining troops who are able to meet the physical demands and continue.

In addition, trainees are typically trained in basic marksmanship with regularly assigned weapons, field maintenance of said weapons, hand-to-hand combat, first aid, protective equipment usage, and basic survival techiques.

At the conclusion of the basic training period, the passing trainees are then assigned to various other training regimes for particular specializations.