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For the colloquialism Live, describing a living thing, see the alive. Live also is used in jargon references for objects under voltage, intentionally or otherwise. For the slang usage in music to contrast recordings, see concert performance. It also refer to radio or television's programss that are broadcast in "real time", rather than being recorded and broadcast at a later date.

Live is the name of a rock and roll band from York, Pennsylvania.

The band Live is comprised of Chad Taylor (guitar), Patrick Dalheimer (bass), Chad Gracey (drums) and Ed Kowalczyk (singer). The original name of the band was First Aid, formed in the early 1980s. Several name changes followed and the group settled on Public Affection and put out The Death of a Dictionary (1989).

After a series of unsuccessful attempts at cracking the music business, the group recruited Jerry Harrison (The Talking Heads) to produce Mental Jewelry, an album based on the writings of Jiddu Krishnamurti, an Indian philosopher. Live established a following and returned in with Throwing Copper which was also popular, pushed by the success of singles Selling the Drama, I Alone and Lightning Crashes. After that, the band released four albums to limited critical and popular success, Secret Samadhi, The Distance to Here, V / Ecstatic Fanatic, and most recently Birds of Pray.