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An ambulance is a vehicle designated for the transport of sick or injured persons. The first ambulances called by that name were horse ambulances used in the American Civil War. Modern-day ambulances are typically large automobiles on van or light truck chassis.

The First civilian ambulance is said to have been set up in Brisbane Queensland Australia, in September 1892 following a fall at the Brisbane Exhibition on August 7, 1892, which was witnessed by Seymour Warrian who went on to become the Founder of the City Ambulance Transport Brigade. Today the Queensland Ambulance Service has become one of the largest and progressive ambulance services in the world. Alexander Graham Bell is also said to have played a part in spreading the news of this civilian ambulance service around the world as he travelled promoting his invention the telephone.

However, an ambulance can be any vehicle including a bus, helicopter or even a hospital ship.

Under the laws of war an ambulance marked by a Red Cross is not to be fired on and is to be permitted to carry out its duties in spite of the fighting. An ambulance may not mount weapons.

See also MEDEVAC.