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Finding Nemo

Finding Nemo is a computer-animated movie produced by Pixar for The Walt Disney Company and released in 2003.

Finding Nemo has set a record as the highest grossing opening weekend for an animated feature, making 70 million dollars.


The film's prominent use of clownfish prompted mass purchase of the animals for children's pets in the United States (even though the movie portrayed the use of fish as pets negatively). At the same time, the film had a central theme that "all drains lead back to the ocean." (A main character escapes from imprisonment by going down a sink drain and ending up in the sea.) This caused many children to flush their living fish down toilets in imitation of the picture. Major sewage companies teamed with Disney to release press statements that attempted to address the situation with humor. "Although all drains DO lead to water," they read, "said water always passes through a turbine before leading to the ocean. As such, in real life the film would more accurately be titled 'Grinding Nemo'".

French children's book author Pascal Kamina sued Disney, claiming that the story and the characters were stolen from his 1995 book Pierrot Le Poisson-Clown.

The following species feature prominently in the film:

In the tank:

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