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Ocellaris clownfish
Scientific classification
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The Clownfishes, or Anemonefishes, form the genus Amphiprion in the family Pomacentridae, which also includes the Damselfishes. One species in the genus Premnas, in the same family, is also referred to as a clownfish.

Clownfish are marked by their behavior of living in a comensual relationship with sea anemones. Clownfish are native to wide ranges of the warm waters of the Pacific; some species ranges overlap others. Clownfishes are not found in the Atlantic. Some Clownfishes will adopt Atlantic anemone species in captivity. However, clownfish in an aquarium environment can exist very well without an anemone. (This may be advisable as anemones are extremely difficult to keep alive for even experienced aquarists.)

Clownfish are among the few marine fishes that can be bred in captivity in commercially-viable quantities at the time of this writing. Hobbyists are advised to purchase captive-born clownfish (and other marine animals) whenever possible.The Amphiprions are attractive in colour they are usually bright colours. Example: orange, black,and white. They are good for a marine aquarium because they are friendly and easy to feed. They adapt well in captivity and can be easily studied for scientific research. These warm water fishes have a higher metabolism which makes them more active than the cold-water fishes.

Species in this group include (common name followed by scientific name):