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Pixar Animation Studios is an Academy Award-winning computer generated imagery (CGI) animation firm based in Emeryville, California.

Specialists in high-end computer graphics technology, Pixar are the developers of the industry-standard rendering software RenderMan®, used for high-quality, photorealistic image generation. In collaboration with Walt Disney Pictures (with whom they signed a 10-year, 5-picture deal, in which the two companies split production costs and profits) they have created a number of successful feature films, all of which are wholly computer-generated.

Chairman and CEO of Pixar is Steve Jobs (co-founder of Apple Computer). The company started as a division of Lucasfilm but was purchased by Jobs for $10 million and established as an independent company in 1986. Jobs co-founded the company with Dr. Edwin E. Catmull who still remains a member of the executive team. Executive Vice President of Creative, John Lassetter - two-time Academy Award-winning director and animator - leads the creative department and oversees all of the company's projects. Other notable members of the executive team are Sarah McArthur (Executive Vice President, Production) and Ann Mather (Executive Vice President and chief financial officer).

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