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Emperor Cheng of Jin China

zh-cn:晋成帝 zh-tw:晉成帝

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Emperor Cheng of Jin China (320 or 321-July 26 342) was an emperor of the Eastern Jin Dynasty (265-420). He was the eldest son of Emperor Ming and became the crown prince on April 1 325.

Table of contents
1 Various character and romanization representations
2 Timeline
3 Personal information

Various character and romanization representations


Personal information

Family name Sima (司馬 py. Sīmǎ) in Chinese
Given name Yan (衍 py. yǎn)
Era names Xianhe (咸和 xian2 he2) 326-335
Xiankang (咸康 xian2 kang1) 335-342
Father Emperor Ming
Wife (ne) Du Lingyang (杜陵阳) (320 or 321-April 7 341), childless and revered Queen Gong (恭皇后, literary meaning: the revered queen)
Major concubines
Children Emperor Ai of Jin China and Emperor Fei of Jin China
Duration of reign October 19, 325 to July 26, 342
Tomb Xingping Tomb ch. 兴平陵, believed to be near Nanjing
Temple name 显宗, py. Xiǎnzōng, literary meaning: "illustrious ancestor"
Courtesy name 世根, py. Shgēn;, literay meaning: "genesis roots"
Posthumous name 成, py. Chng, literary meaning: "successful" or "established"

Preceded by:
Emperor Ming
Jin Dynasty (265-420) Succeeded by:
Emperor Kang