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Emperor Fei of Jin China

zh-cn:晋废帝 zh-tw:晉廢帝

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Emperor Fei of Jin China (341 or 342-November 23, 386) was an emperor of the Eastern Jin Dynasty (265-420) in China. He was the younger brother (from the same mother) of Emperor Ai and later deposed by military leader Huan Wen.

Table of contents
1 Various character and romanization representations
2 Timeline
3 Personal information

Various character and romanization representations


Personal information

Family name Sima (司馬 py. Sīmǎ) in Chinese
Given name Yi (奕 py. Y)
Era names Taihe (太和 py. Tah) 365-January 6, 372
Father Emperor Cheng
Wife (ne) Yu Daolian (庾道怜) (d. 371), childless and revered Queen Xiao (孝皇后, literary meaning: the filial queen)
Major concubines
Duration of reign March 31, 365-January 6, 372
Temple name
Courtesy name 延龄, py. Yanlng, literay meaning: "lengthened ages"
Posthumous name 废, py. Fi, literary meaning: "deposed"

Preceded by:
Emperor Ai
Jin Dynasty (265-420) Succeeded by:
Emperor Jianwen