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Ekspreso (eso) is a constructed language. The name derives from the the latin root for "express", and it's termed the "language for people in a hurry" (in Ekspreso: La lingua pro la persona in haste). It is an easy-to-learn language, to serve as an international auxiliary language quite useful for people who want to meet foreigners and learn about other countries and cultures. It was invented by Jay Bowks, a high school teacher from New Hampshire, in 1996.

Ekspreso aims to be easier and faster to learn as a second language than Esperanto, particularly for speakers of European languages. It is designed to be easier than any national language (especially highly irregular and/or non-phonetic languages such as English, French, and Chinese).

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Although c, q, w, x, and y are seldom used except in foreign terms.

Some phrases

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Auxilingua Project's Ekspreso Page