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Edgar of England

Edgar the Peaceful
Rank: 13th
Ruled: October 1, 959-July 8, 975
Predecessor: Edwy
Date of Birth: 943
Place of Birth: Wessex, England
Wives: Ethelfleda and Elfrida
Buried: Winchester Cathedral
Date of Death: July 8, 975
Parents: Edmund I and Elgiva

King Edgar (about 942-July 8, 975) was the younger son of King Edmund I of England. He won the nickname, "the Peaceable", but in fact was a stronger king than his brother, Edwy, from whom he took the kingdoms of Northumbria and Mercia in 958. He officially succeeded Edwy as king of England in 959. It was his decision to appoint Dunstan (eventually canonised as St. Dunstan) as Archbishop of Canterbury, but it is alleged that Dunstan at first refused to crown Edgar because he disapproved of his way of life.

Edgar was eventually crowned at Bath in 973, and this service, devised by Dunstan himself, forms the basis of the present-day British coronation ceremony. Edgar had several children. He died on July 8, 975 at Winchester, and is buried at Glastonbury. He was succeeded by his son, King Edward the Martyr.

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