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Ethelfleda (alternative spelling, "Aethelfled") was the eldest child of King Alfred the Great and his wife, Ealhswith. She was born around AD 869. She married the ealdorman or earl of Mercia in about 886, and had one daughter, Elfwynn. On her husband's death in 911, she was elevated to the status of "Lady of the Mercians". She died in 918, and is buried at Gloucester. She was succeeded as ruler of Mercia by her brother, King Edward the Elder.

This gives some insight into the emergence of England from Wessex. The Danes overran most of the English Kingdoms such as Northumbria, Mercia, East Anglia etc. Alfred and his descendents reconquered the lands from the Danes but instead of making this seem a conquest Alfred made Eolderman Aethelred. Earl of Mercia and married him to his daughter, allowing some idea of regained autonomy. When the kingdoms were absorbed they were not absorbed into Wessex or greater Wessex but into England.

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