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Dukes of Silesia

According to the statute, constitution or last will of the Polish duke Boleslaus the Wrymouth Poland was divided into the 4-5 hereditary provinces distributed among his sons, and a royal province of Cracow for the eldest to be the high-duke of all Poland.

One of these provinces, Silesia was given to the Ladislaus the Exile the oldest son of Boleslaus, and subsequenly divided among his descendants and successors, until they died out in 1675

Table of contents
1 Duchy of Silesia
2 Duchies of Lower Silesia
3 Duchies of Upper Silesia

Duchy of Silesia

1138-1146 Ladislaus I the Exile exiled by his brothers
1146-1163 Boleslaus IV the Curly brother of Wladuslaus
1163-1177 Boleslaus I the Long, Mieszko I Platonogi and Konrad, sons of Ladislaus I

Duchies of Lower Silesia

Duchy of Wroclaw

1177/1195-1201 Boleslaus I the Long (Boleslaw I Wysoki)
1201-1238 Henry I the Bearded (Henryk I Brodaty)
1238-1241 Henry II the Pious (Henryk II Pobozny)
1241-1248 Boleslaus II the Bald (Boleslaw II Łysy Rogatka)
1428-1266 Henry II the White (Henryk II Biały)
1266/1270-1290 Henry IV the Righteous (Henryk IV Prawy)
1290-1296 Henry V the Corpulent (Henryj V Brzuchaty)
1296-1311 Henry VI, Ladislaus and Boleslaus II
1311-1335 Henry VI the Good (Henryk VI Dobry)

1327/1335 Duchy of Wroclaw falls to Bohemia

Duchy of Bierutow

Duchy of Brzeg

Duchy of Chojnow

Duchy of Glogow

Duchy of Jawor

County of Klodzko

Duchy of Korzuchow

Duchy of Krosno

Duchy of Legnica

Duchy of Lubin

Duchy of Lwowek

Duchy of Olesnica

Duchy of Olawa

Duchy of Scinawa

Duchy of Swidnica

Duchy of Wolow

Duchy of Ziebice

Duchy of Zagan

Duchies of Upper Silesia

Duchy of Opole

Duchy of Bielsko

Duchy of Bytom

Duchy of Cieszyn

Upto 1290 Cieszyn belonged to the Duchy of Raciborz

in 1653 Duchy of Cieszyn transfered to the Habsburg domains

Duchy of Gliwice

Duchy of Glogowek

Duchy of Karniow

Duchy of Kozielsk

Duchy of Namyslow

Duchy of Niemodlin

Eclessiatical Duchy of Nysa

Duchy of Opava

Duchy of Oswiecim

Duchy of Raciborz

Duchy of Radziejow

Duchy of Strzelce

Duchy of Toszek

Duchy of Wielun

Duchy of Zator

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