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Disney Channel

The Disney Channel is a cable TV network run by The Walt Disney Company that went on the air in 1983. Disney Channel features family-oriented programming, much of it aimed at pre-teens and younger adolescents. Most Disney Channel programming, surprisingly, does not feature the "classic" Disney characters such as Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and Goofy, but they are not completely absent, either. For several years, the vintage Disney television shows and movies were the main staple of the channel, but they have gradually been phased out.

For several years, the channel also showcased programs for adults, such as concerts, classic movies, and original series such as Road to Avonlea.

The only actual spinoff of the Disney Channel is Toon Disney, which features cartoons either created or distributed by Disney. The ABC Family Channel (originally CBN and later The Family Channel and later FOX Family, founded in 1976 by Pat Robertson), is now owned by Disney and also features some programming similar to the Disney Channel.

Today's Disney Channel includes such hit shows as Lizzie McGuire, Boy Meets World, The Proud Family, Sister, Sister, The Famous Jett Jackson, Even Stevens, and Kim Possible.

Disney Channel expanted to the world which began around the 1990s. brought their programs to Africa and then, much of Asia in 2000.

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