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Boy Meets World

Boy Meets World was a US television sitcom about the life of a teenage boy named Cory Matthews who is entering adulthood. The show lasted from 1993 to 2000 on ABC. Afterward its initial run, repeat episodes appeared on the Disney Channel in 2002 and 2003. The show was one of the few shows where a kid has a starring role . The series starts when Cory is 11 years old and it ends when he is in his early twenties.

Character list

Cory Matthews
Alan Matthews (Cory's Father)
Amy Matthews (Cory's Mother)
Eric Matthews (Cory's Brother)
Morgan Matthews (Cory's Sister)
Shawn Hunter (Cory's Best Friend)
Mr.George Feeny (Cory's Teacher and neighbor)
Stuart Minkus (Cory and Shawn's Classmate)
Topanga Lawrence (Cory's friend who becomes his wife later in the series)
Mr. Johnathan Turner (A teacher who is Shawn's temporary guardian)
Mr. Williams (Another teacher at Cory's School)
Harley Kiner (A bully who pushes Cory and Shawn around)
Frankie and Joey (Harley's flunkies)
Griff (Frankie and Joey's leader from when Harley was on hiatus)
Jack Newman/Hunter (Shawn's Half Brother and Eric's best friend in the late episodes)
Angela Moore (Shawn's friend)
Rachel McGuire (Eric and Jack's female roommate and Jack's friend later in the series)

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