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Discovery Bay

Discovery Bay (愉景灣; pinyin yu2 jing3 wan1; Cantonese yue ging wan) is a low-density residential development in Hong Kong, located on the north-eastern coast of Lantau Island spanning two bays, Tai Pak Bay and Yi Pak Bay with a current population of around 16,000 residents from over 30 different countries - gaining it a reputation as an expatriate enclave.

The community currently consists of twelve development phases of housing ranging from garden houses to high rise towers; with a few more under planning. It is located just two kilometres from the site of the future Hong Kong Disneyland in Penny's Bay and approximately 16 kilometres west from the nearest point on Hong Kong Island.

Discovery Bay, Hong Kong (July 2003)


Originally conceived by its developer, Hong Kong Resort Company Limited as a holiday and leisure resort with hotels and golf courses in the early 1970s, the idea never took off; and eventually it was converted into a residential development with resort characteristics by the early 1980s. This idea proved very popular in Hong Kong - and when the first phase of Discovery Bay went on sale in 1982, they sold out extremely quickly.


Discovery Bay is entirely privately-owned - with Hong Kong Resort developing and maintaining the area; and providing community facilities and transportation services. Until 2000, Discovery Bay even had its own private water supply, from the reservoir and water treatment located by the golf course up the valley. The only government facilities present is a police post, fire station and ambulance depot, a post office, and government-subsidized schools.

Community life in Discovery Bay is centred around the plaza, which contains one of the few places in Hong Kong which offers al fresco dining; and offers a range of shops including supermarkets, stores, restaurants, medical clinics, and a vet (pets are popular in this community).

The development boasts a huge range of amenities: A man-made beach, four recreational clubs including a 27-hole golf course and a marina (some residents choose to live on yachts moored in the marina), natural streams and rock pools, bicycle tracks, and good hiking paths leading to other parts of Lantau Island including the Trappist Haven Monastery and Mui Wo.

In terms of educational facilities, Discovery Bay has three kindergartens and two primary schools. Two more primary and secondary schools are currently under development.


Main access to Discovery Bay is by a 24-hour high speed ferry service operated by HKR International Limited, which links Discovery Bay to Central District on Hong Kong Island in around 25 minutes.

In 2000, a tunnel linking Discovery Bay to the North Lantau Expressway opened, and access to Discovery Bay via a shuttle bus service from the nearby Tung Chung town and the Hong Kong International Airport in Chek Lap Kok is becoming increasingly popular. However, as part of an effort to maintain an environmentally friendly lifestyle, private cars are not permitted to enter the area, with a few exceptions for local business, which may apply for entry permits. Commuting within the development is done via a 24-hour internal shuttle bus service which runs between various parts of Discovery Bay. Some residents also have golf carts to commute from one part of Discovery Bay to another; however the quantity of golf carts is highly restricted to preserve the character of the community.

There are also Kai-to ferry services from Nim Shue Wan, Discovery Bay to Peng Chau and Mui Wo, taking 10 and 20 minutes respectively.

Latest developments

A new development, "Siena", located at Yi Pak Bay is currently being developed. This consists of more housing, a large central park and residents club, a large shopping mall, a hotel development and a new ferry pier. As of July 2003, the second phase of Siena, Siena 2, was being vigorously promoted by Hong Kong Resorts Company Limited, despite the prevailing downward trend in the Hong Kong real estate market.

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