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A cart is a human-powered device with wheels for transporting materials.

See shopping cart, also for the metaphorical meaning in relation to online purchases.

In the 19th century, handcarts were used by some Mormons travelling across the plains of the USA between 1857 and 1865.

Physically, carts have many different shapes, but the basic idea of transporting material (or maintaing a collection of materials in a portable fashion) remains.

A cart is also a two-wheeled vehicle drawn by an animal.

A related term is buggy. One kind is for transport of a sitting toddler; also known as a push-chair (at least in the UK).

See also Dune buggy.

A perambulator (pram) or stroller is a four-wheel cart for transport of a lying baby.

See also Carriage, Chariot, Wheelbarrow.