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Desirée Clary

Desirée Clary (8 November 1777 - 17 December 1860) was the wife of King Carl XIV Johann of Sweden, and therefore Queen Desirée or Queen Desideria of Sweden.

She was born in Marseille, the daughter of François Clary (1725-1794), a wealthy soap manufacturer and merchant, and his wife Françoise Rose Somis (1737-1815), and named, in full, Bernhardine Eugenie Désirée Clary. Her sister, Julie Clary, married Joseph Bonaparte.

On 17 August 1798, at Sceaux, she married Jean Baptiste Jules Bernadotte, who became king of Sweden and Norway as Carl XIV Johann from 1818.

Their son Oscar, became King Oscar I of Sweden (1799-1844).

Queen Desirée died at Stockholm.