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Joseph Bonaparte

Joseph Bonaparte (January 7, 1768 - July 28, 1844) was the eldest brother of Emperor Napoleon I of France, who made him king of Naples (1806-1808) and Spain (1808-1813).

He was born at Corte, Corsica and married Julie Clary on August 1, 1794 in Cuges-les-Pins, France. She bore two children:

The Spanish people nicknamed him Pepe Botella ("Joe Bottle") pointing to an alleged tendency to drunkenness. His supporters were called josefinos.

Before becoming king, Joseph was a lawyer, diplomat, and soldier. After the fall of his brother, he resided in Bordentown, New Jersey, USA, for 17 years. He died in Florence, Italy and is buried in Les Invalides, Paris, France.

Preceded by:
Charles IV of Spain
List of Spanish monarchs Succeeded by:
Ferdinand VII of Spain