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Dabbling duck

Dabbling Ducks

Cape Teal (Anas capensis)
† See also Diving duck
Perching duck

The dabbling ducks are a group of more than 40 species of ducks including some of the most familiar Northern Hemisphere species. They are in the duck, goose and swan family Anatidae. The latter article should be referred to for an overview of this very large family.

This group of ducks is so named because its members feed mainly on vegetable matter by upending on the water surface, or grazing, and do not dive. These are gregarious ducks of freshwater or estuaries. These birds are strong fliers and northern species are highly migratory. They walk well on land, and some species feed terrestrially.

The dabbling ducks, together with the Diving ducks and Perching ducks make up the sub-family Anatinae.

All but one of the dabbling ducks are in the genus Anas. The exception is the Marbled duck Marmaronetta angustirostris, which is often alternatively classed as a pochard.

The Anas species are: