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Constantine V of Armenia

Constantine V of Armenia (died 1362) ruled Armenia from 1344 to 1362. He was the son of Baldwin, Marshal of Armenia, a nephew of Hethum I of Armenia.

Constantine came to the throne on the death of his cousin Constantine IV of Armenia who had been killed in an uprising in 1344. He attempted to wipe out all rival claimants for the throne; he gave orders to kill Constantine IV's nephews, Bemon and Leon of Lusignan, but before the murder could be carried out they escaped to Cyprus.

Constantine was the first husband of Marie of Armenia, daughter of Oshin of Corycos and Jeanne of Anjou. He was predeceased by his two sons. Upon his death (by natural causes) he was succeeded by his cousin Constantine VI.

  Preceded by:  
 Constantine IV
  Kingdom of Armenia   Followed by:
 Constantine VI