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Leo VI of Armenia

Leo (or Leon) VI of Armenia (1342-1393) was King of Armenia from 1374 to 1393.

Leo was the son of John of Lusignan and his wife (or, more probably, mistress) Soldane. Constantine V, in order to wipe out all claimants to the throne, had given orders to kill Leo and his brother Bemon, but they escaped to Cyprus before the murder could be carried out.

Leo came to the throne on the death of his distant cousin Constantine VI of Armenia. Leo and his wife, Margaret of Soissons, were crowned at Sis on September 14, 1374. His right to the throne was challenged by Achot, and Leo ended up being taken prisoner by the Egyptians. He never reclaimed his throne, and died in Paris in 1393. He had one legitimate daughter, Marie de Lusignan (who predeceased her father), and two illegitimate sons, Guy and Stephan.

Upon his death the title of King of Armenia was claimed by Leo's distant cousin James I.

  Preceded by:  
 Constantine VI
  Kingdom of Armenia   Followed by:
 James I