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Constantine IV of Armenia

Constantine IV of Armenia (died 1344) was the first Latin king of Armenia, ruling from 1342 to 1344. Born Guy of Lusignan, he took the name Constantine upon his accession in 1342. He was the son of Isabelle (or Zabel), Princess of Armenia (daughter of Leo III of Armenia) and Amalric de Lusignan.

Guy came to the throne on the death of his cousin Leo V of Armenia. The crown had first been offered to his younger brother John of Lusignan who urged Guy to accept the crown. Guy was reluctant; his mother and two of his brothers had been murdered by Oshin of Corycos during Oshin's term as regent, Oshin turn had been murdered at the behest of Leo V, and (in turn) Leo V had been murdered by the barons.

Guy was killed in an uprising in 1344 and was succeeded by a distant cousin, Constantine V.

He was married twice. He had two children by his second wife Theodora Syrgianes.

  Preceded by:  
 Leo V
  Kingdom of Armenia   Followed by:
 Constantine V