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Charlie Masso

Charlie Rivera Masso (born 1969) is a former member of Menudo who joined the band at the height of Menudo's world wide fame. He replaced Rene Farrait and quickly became a fan favorite with his participation on the albums of Es Por Amor and Vamos A Volar, which was the soundtrack of Charlie's first movie, Una Aventura LLamada Menudo.

Charlie sang Menudo songs La Chispa De La Vida, Coqui and the latter album's title song among many others. Charlie began his life as a Menudo the very moment that one of Menudo's members of the group's golden era, Farrait left the group. However, Charlie's presence helped keep the golden era go on for 3 more years, and when he left the group in 1987, he was the last member of the group's golden years to leave. Masso's bandmates included Farrait, Xavier Serbia, Johnny Lozada, Ricky Melendez, Ray Reyes, Roy Rosello, Robby Rosa and Ricky Martin among others.

After he left the band, Charlie moved to Mexico for a very long time, where he was in a few soap operas. He got married and had a family, and in 1998 joined Melendez, Farrait, Lozada, Reyes and Cancel in touring many of the places where they made millions of fans as Menudo's, with El Reencuentro.

Charlie has made a few calendars with both Lozada and Cancel since then, and he lives in Miami. His marriage has unfortunately been under some stress lately.

Charlie loves his fans from the time he was a member of Menudo, and he loves to sign autographs and take photos with them.