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Ricky Melendez

Ricky Melendez (born in 1968) became a member of Menudo at the age of 8. He was one of the original 5 in the group. He is the nephew of group founder Edgardo Diaz.

Ricky became an essential element of Menudo's success. Curly haired and diminutive in comparison to most of his Menudo mates, Ricky wasn't precisely the hearthrob of the quintet, or the group's best singer. But he played the funny guy of the group, and his honesty and charm in playing the part earned him great popularity among Menudo's fans. He was also, and still is, a great dancer.

When Menudo became one of the greatest boy bands in history during the early 80's, Ricky became the face of Menudo. Anytime someone mentioned Menudo, Ricky's face would come to the fan's minds.

Ricky retired from Menudo in 1984 at the mandatory age of 16, but since he had started at age 8, he became the member of Menudo who was in the group the longest time, 8 years. He had to give way to the now legendary Ricky Martin at Menudo. His final concert with Menudo was in Caguas, where he was born.

Once Ricky left Menudo, he tried various business ventures, including a shop at Plaza Las Americas in San Juan, and became a lawyer. In 1998, he got together with former bandmates Rene Farrait, Johnny Lozada, Ray Reyes, Charlie Masso and Miguel Cancel to make a comeback tour under the name of El Reencuentro. They toured the world and brought back Menudomania memories to all their fans.

Ricky was the voice responsible for Menudo super hits Y Yo No Bailo and Cambiale Las Pilas.

He still cares a lot about his fans and loves signing autographs.

Ricky now lives in Wisconsin with his wife and children.