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Xavier Serbia

Xavier Serbia (born 1967) is a former member of Menudo. He joined Menudo in 1980 and stayed with Menudo through most of Menudo's glory days.

Among the songs he sang as a member of Menudo were Rock en la TV and Formula. Those two songs were duets with Miguel Cancel.

Xavier was the blond guy in the group, and his popularity among girl fans was probably second only to Rene Farrait's. He participated with Menudo in Una Aventura LLamada Menudo and a soap opera, and, because of his voice and looks , he played an important role in Menudo's success.

Xavier was replaced by Ray Reyes at Menudo in 1983, and later on , went to try a solo career. In 1986, he participated in Puerto Rican television's comedy series La Pension De Dona Tere,in 1987, he joined fellow former Menudos Farrait and Johnny Lozada in a more mature and soft music oriented group named Proyecto M, (which was wildly successful in Venezuela), and in 1989, he hosted a Spanish version of Remote Control (Control Remoto), for Puerto Rico's WAPA-TV. This job only lasted 3 months, however, because MTV found out that WAPA-TV was using the likeness of Remote Control in Spanish without their proper permission and threatened to take WAPA-TV to court if WAPA didn't cancel the show or paid the licensing fee asked by MTV.

Serbia had left Proyecto M in 1988 and been replaced, once again, by Ray Reyes.

Serbia then tried to open himself doors in the salsa music world and made two salsa albums in the early 1990's, but with little success. After this, he moved to Costa Rica, where he is said to be an ecologist nowadays. He was offered to join some of the ex Menudos in 1998 for a comeback tour named El Reencuentro, but he declined, allegedly saying that Menudo was a beautiful part of his past and he wants to keep it that way.