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Robi Rosa

Robi Draco Rosa (born in June 27, 1970) is a multi-talented artist from Pe˝uelas, Puerto Rico. Amongst his different facets, he can be mentioned as a composer, writer, singer, musician, and actor. Rosa received international popularity when he co-wrote the hit single Livin' La Vida Loca for Ricky Martin in 1999.

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Born in June 27, 1970 as Robert Edward Rosa Suarez, Robi Rosa was a member of Menudo from Valentine's Day, 1984 to 1987.

Rosa replaced Johnny Lozada in the band, and he soon proved another fan favorite. He sang such hits like Tu Sabes A Chocolate, Hold Me and Like A Cannonball, which was featured in Hollywood hit Cannonball Run 2. He was replaced in Menudo by Ruben Gomez.

After Menudo, Rosa went on to make one big Hollywood hit, the 1988 movie named Salsa. In Salsa, he played Rico, a young man who loved his mother, sister and Puerto Rico over all things, but who resided in Los Angeles and wanted to win a salsa music contest to return to Puerto Rico. Rico had grown without a father, and he protected his sister in a fatherly way.

Robby fell in love with his co star Angela Alvarado in real life, and they got married a few months after the movie's release. They still countinue married and have a family.

During the 1990's, Rosa changed his name legally to Draco Cornelius Rosa (Draco meaning Dragon in latin) and tried to distance himself from his previous image of a clean cut Menudo guy. He started growing a beard, got tattooed on different parts of his body, and started creating music albums with different types of music, including pop and gothic.

Nowadays, he keeps travelling back and forth between New York and Puerto Rico to produce and promote his music as well as do some free autographs events along with concerts every once in a while. His concert at The Warehouse (Puerto Rico) in 1997 was a unique "one time in life" experience for much of his fans in which he delivered himself to his audience and his letters.

In addition, Rosa found work with his former Menudo bandmate Ricky Martin, for whom he has written some of his number 1 hits (such as Livin' La Vida Loca).

Rosa in 2003 has re-invented himself, getting rid of the tattooed, bad boy image in preparation for the release of a new CD with a new image that resembles that of the old Menudo Robby Rosa.



Sometimes Credited As

  • Robi Draco Rosa
  • Robi 'Draco' Rosa
  • Robi Rosa
  • Draco Cornelius Rosa
  • Ian Blake
  • Dolores Del Infante

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Wife: Angela Alvarado (1990 - Present)
Son: Revel Rosa Alvarado


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