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Central Line

The Central Line is a line of the London Underground. It is a deep-level "tube" line, running East-West across London, and is the longest line on the Underground. Until the closure of the Epping-Ongar section, the far terminus at Ongar was the furthest point from London on the network.

The line is coloured red on the Tube map.

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2 2003 derailment and closure
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The line was first opened as the Central London Railway between Shepherd's Bush and Bank in 1900. It was later extended over GWR lines in the west and LNER lines in the east. The trains on the Central Line were the first in London to introduce regular audible interior announcements telling passengers the name of the next expected stop and what onward connections they should expect there. These announcements, in a female voice, are automated.

2003 derailment and closure

A Central Line train derailed at Chancery Lane on January 25, 2003, injuring 32 passengers, after a motor became detached from the train. The entire line was closed whilst the cause of the failure was determined and appropriate modifications made to the trains. The line was then re-opened in stages. By late March 2003 a limited service was running on the eastern and western extremities of the line, with the central section still closed. Services resumed over that deeper central section on April 3 and to all stations (albeit at a reduced frequency) on April 12, with a full service expected by the end of the month. The initial closure also extended to the Waterloo and City Line which uses the same "1992 tube stock" trains, but this line, being far shorter - with only two stops and far fewer trains - reopened quickly.


Geographically accurate map of the Central Line ()


in order from west to east

West Ruislip branch

branch joins at North Acton:

Ealing Broadway branch

branch joins at North Acton:

Splits into two branches

Woodford branch

Terminates at Woodford [see Ongar Branch](except for rush hours)

Ongar branch

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Line closure 2003

For the medical meaning of "central line", see central line.