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Front Page Challenge

Front Page Challenge was a long running Canadian game show produced and broadcast by the CBC where notable journalists attempted to guess what past news story the hidden guest was linked with. Upon conclusion of the challenge, the journalists served as a panel of interviewers as they conversed with the guest about the story in question.

The vast number of guests came from all walks of life, including politicians like Pierre Trudeau, crusaders like Malcolm X, sports figures like Gordie Howe and writers like Upton Sinclair. This show ran for over thirty years and was remarkably stable for its regular contestants, who included Pierre Berton, Betty Kennedy and Gordon Sinclair. The show was hosted by Fred Davis. Alex Barris temporarily hosted in 1957.

Unfortunately, the show's stability proved to be its undoing, as the producers did not see fit to add younger panelists as the regulars aged and the audience demographics became less desirable. Budget cuts finally killed the show in 1995.

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