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Sesame Park

Sesame Park is the Canadian version of "Sesame Street", which was originally named "Canada's Sesame Street".

In the early 1970s, the bulk of Sesame Street's content was licensed out to the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (the CBC), who then added segments teaching about Canadian culture and French bilingualism. Gradually, characters like Basil the Bear, French-Canadian Louis the Otter, Dodi a bush pilot, Katie a disabled child, Barbara Plum (a parody of CBC broadcasting legend Barbara Frum), Beau Beaver and many others.

In 1998, the CBC dropped Sesame Street's street scenes and many American segments, instead airing all Canadian content. Added to the cast was a puppet of a cat named Chaos and a human character named Ray. Many guests made appearances on the series, including Red Green, a Canadian situation-comedy character played by Steve Smith.

However, the show has shown less than spectacular ratings after this major revamp, and is tentatively cancelled as of 2002.