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Bungie Studios

Bungie Studios is a video game developer founded in 1991 under the name Bungie Software. For much of the 1990s they developed a series of increasingly technically detailed first person shooter (FPS) games for the Macintosh, the most famous being the Marathon series, following this with the acclaimed Myth tactical-combat series for both the Mac and Windows. Bungie games were particularily well-loved by players due to their complex backstories which often left more unanswered than revealed.

In 1999 they announced their next product was a return to the FPS genre, with a world-beating physics and AI system, to be known as Halo and to be released at the same time on both the Mac and Windows. On June 19, 2000, Microsoft announced that they had acquired Bungie Software and that Bungie would become a part of the Microsoft Game Division under the name Bungie Studios. The original versions were soon delayed and the game was re-purposed for the X-Box, with the Mac and Windows versions only shipping two years later when it was no longer the renowned product it would have been in late 2000.

Their offices were originally based in Chicago, Illinois. After Microsoft's acquisition, they moved into the Microsoft Campus at Redmond, Washington.

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