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Myth (computer game)

Myth is a series of real-time strategy computer games, specifically, Myth: The Fallen Lords, Myth II: Soulblighter, and Myth III: The Wolf Age. The latter was developed by Mumbo Jumbo Software and published by Take 2 Interactive, the former developed and self-published by Bungie Software, now a division of Microsoft under the name Bungie Studios. Upon Bungie's sale to Microsoft in 2000, Bungie sold the rights to the Myth franchise to Take 2 Interactive.

These games represented a departure from old standards such as Warcraft in that resource retrieval and unit construction were de-emphasized in favor of squad-level and single-creature-level tactics. They were also remarkable for depth of free multigamer internet-play support, intense and continuing fan activity on the web (including a wide range of fan-created mods), and simultaneous Macintosh and Windows PC development and release.

An in-game screenshot of Myth: The Fallen Lords.
The player controls a band of various units
into battle against the enemy
Myth II was later ported to the Linux operating system by Loki Games.

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The Myth series is emotively set in a Tolkienesque world, beset by an undead enemy bent on destruction. The leaders of the Undead are known as The Fallen Lords.

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(Note: game serial numbers are no longer required to play on the online multiplayer servers anymore, so you may play again if you have lost yours)