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Bucharest Otopeni Airport

Bucharest Otopeni Airport (Aeroport Bucuresti Otopeni in Romanian, IATA Airport Code: OTP) is the largest airport in Romania, as well as one of two major airports in Bucharest. The other major airport is Baneasa. Otopeni airport is located outside the Bucharest city area - it is located in the town of Otopeni in Ilfov County.

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City Access

The city of Bucharest is accessible from Otopeni by RATB bus 783, which provides a shuttle service, as well as by taxi. The airport is located on the Bucharest-Ploiesti highway. There is a proposed plan to link the airport with the Bucharest metro system.


During World War II, Otopeni was used as an air base of the Third Reich of Hitler. Up to 1965, it was restricted for military use, and was one of the major bases of the Romanian Air Force, with a runway of 1200m. Before 1965, Baneasa Airport was the only airport that Bucharest used for commercial flights. However, with the growth of air traffic, a new commercial airport was constructed in the settlement of Otopeni, where the military air base used to be. The existing runway was modernised, extended up to 3500m, making it even longer than that of Paris' Orly Airport. Also, a new passenger terminal was constructed for domestic and international flights.

In the late 1960s, when President Nixon of the USA visited Romania, a new VIP lounge was created, and in 13 April 1970, the passenger terminal was updated to have a capacity of 1,200,000 passengers per year. The airport slowly become more and more used by airlines, with a growing number of passengers, and in 1986, it entered a new phase of development. A second 3500-metre runway was constructed, as well as related taxiways. The airport lighting system was improved and the capacity was increased to 35-40 airport movements per hour.

In 1992, Otopeni Airport became a regular member of Airport Council International (ACI). In 1997, when 8 years had passed since Romania had escaped from Communism, a development initiative took place. A state-of-the-art International Departures Lounge with a capacity of 1000-1200 passengers per hour was opened, as well as five modern airbridges. In 2000, Phase II of the development initiative continued, and the International Arrivals Terminal was improved.

Currently, Bucharest Otopeni is one of the most modern in Eastern Europe, and yet development still continues to transform this airport into a state-of-the-art hub for Romanian aviation. Despite this, other airports in Romania are also stealing "market share" from Otopeni, as the launch of the new Angel Airlines operates only from Baneasa. The airports of Timisoara, Cluj-Napoca and the newly-refurbished Iasi are also important hubs for Carpatair.


Bucharest is an important airport in Eastern Europe, served by a large variety of European and international airlines. Airlines serving Bucharest airport are:

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