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Cluj-Napoca International Airport

Cluj-Napoca International Airport (IATA airport code: CLJ) is the third largest airport in Romania. The airport is situated outside the Cluj-Napoca city area, in an ex-municipality (Someşeni) that became a neighbourhood in the outskirts of the town after 1989.

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Access to the city

Cluj-Napoca can be reached from Someşeni by RATUC bus number 8, or by taxi. The airport is 20-30 km from the Bucharest - Budapest motorway(currently under construction) which will run west of the city.


Cluj-Napoca is an important airport for Romania, served by the following airlines.


Cluj-Napoca International Airport offers direct scheduled flights to Bucharest, Timişoara, Budapest, Vienna, Frankfurt, Milan, Prague¹ and Bologna and to Ancona, Bergamo, Florence, Munich, Rome, Stuttgart, Treviso, and Verona by flights with a single stop at Timişoara.

¹ From March 28, 2004, see

Rent a Car

The ariport offers car rental from Europcar / Jettour, Avis, Budget, and (on call from Oradea) Hertz.


In 2002, 4,379 flights landed at Cluj-Napoca (+6.1% from the previous year), with 130,267 passengers (+22%). Cargo activity was 90.7 metric tons of merchandise (+37%) and 15.6 metric tons of postal mail (+126.1%). All of these percentage increases were the greatest of any international airport in Romania, except for the number of flights, where Timişoara experienced 31.3% growth. The system of marking lights is the most modern and efficient in Romania. Length of runway: 1850m; width: 30m concrete with 75m asphalt.

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