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Big apple (dance move)

The Big Apple is a line dance. It began at the Big Apple Night Club in Columbia, South Carolina, USA, around 1936. [[1]

One person, or a couple would stand in the middle of a circle and would call out moves for everyone else in the circle to perform at the same time.

The moves are frequently used in Lindy hop. This is also used as a warm up before Lindy hop classes.

Note that the moves are very 8-count centered, like Tap. That is, they almost all start on count 8.


Apple Jacks:

Break a Leg:

Break Step:

London Bridge:

Shout: Open arms wide.

Swivels: Swivels while walking.

Spank the Baby:

Tick Tock:

Truckin: Step left, twist left, step right, twist right, and continue. Usually the index finger of the right hand points up, over the shoulder.

Pose and Peck: Put hands on hips, and do pecking with head.

Scarecrow: First 4 counts are Charleston basic. Second 4 counts, put upper arms straight out to side, and let forarms dangle loosely, and tilt head to side. Often the feet are slightly apart, with the knees drooping together.

Shorty George:

Little Apple:

Little Peach:

Hitch Hike:

Boogie Back:

Boogie Forward:

Suzy Q: Walk sideways. This is usually stylized with bent knees. When the feet are together, the knees are together. When the feet are apart, the knees are wide apart.

Praise Allah: ?

Rusty Dusty: Hold pant legs up and shake the dust out of them.

Charleston: See solo Charleston moves.

Fall Off the Log:

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