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Swing (dance)

Swing is a group of related street dances, that evolved from Lindy Hop. Swing is a partner dance, where the couple consists of a lead and follow, who share a connection.

Forms of Swing

The three main dance forms of swing are Lindy Hop, West Coast Swing, and East Coast Swing. However, many related dance forms exist, including the following.


Originally, swing was danced to swing music, which is a kind of jazz. Some of the swing jazz great performers are Count Basie, Woody Herman, and Ella Fitzgerald.

Many dance forms fit their own music. West Coast swing is usually danced to blues or rock and roll. Country swing is usually danced to country and western music. Charleston is usually danced to Ragtime music.

Most dances fit many kinds of music. For example today, Lindy Hoppers dance to Ragtime, Swing, Bop, Blues, Rhythm and Blues, Rock and Roll, Disco, and Hip Hop.

Swing music had a revival in the late 1990s thanks to musician Brian Setzer, Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, the movie Swingers, and a number of other bands.