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Skip up (dance move)

Skip ups are traditional Lindy hop dance moves that cannot quite be categorized as either basic, side pass, swing out, or aerial dance moves.

The names of these moves are somewhat arbitrary, and different people call the same move by different names.

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1 Skip Ups (Walk the Dame, Jig Walks)
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Skip Ups (Walk the Dame, Jig Walks)

The basic skip up is this. On counts 1 and 2, they rock step. On counts 3 and 4, they kick left and step left. On counts 5 and 6, they kick right and step right. (The kick step left and kick step right may be repeated any number of times.) On counts 7 and 8, they exit.

Skip Ups in Closed: End with tuck turn or big kick at end. Both directions.

Skip Ups in Open:

Change Direction: Instead of repeating kicks, the next kick left should push on hip, and on step, they turn and rock step. This switches the feet orientation.

Free Spin: Instead of changing direction, they can do a free spin and come back together in the same position.

Tempo: Fast or slow.

Feet: Step, kick step, kick ball changes.

Arms: The arms usually hold onto the partner, so there are few variations (tied up).


Direction: Forward and backward.


Footwork: They can step, step; kick step, kick step; or other.

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To Do

Skip Up: walking steps (forward, backwards, skipping, skating) (all directions) Pull the follow's hip right next to the lead's hip.