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Bernese Oberland

Portions of the range of the Alps called the Bernese Oberland are, of course, in Cantons other than that of Bern, see: Vaud, Fribourg, the Valais, Lucerne, Uri, and Nidwalden.

List of peaks

The chief peaks of this range, from the Lake Geneva to the Furka, the Reuss Valley and the Lake of Lucerne, are:

Name Elevation

Finsteraarhorn 4275 meters14,026 feet
Wellhorn 3196 meters10,486 feet

Aletschhorn 4182 meters13,721 feet
Mettenberg 3107 meters10,194 feet

Jungfrau 4166 meters13,669 feet
Loffelhorn 3098 meters10,165 feet

Mönch 4105 meters13,468 feet
Grand Muveran 3061 meters10,043 feet

Grosses Schreckhorn 4080 meters13,386 feet
Gross Wendenstock 3044 meters9987 feet

Grosses Fiescherhorn 4049 meters13,285 feet
Sparrhorn 3026 meters9928 feet

Eiger 3975 meters13,042 feet
Torrenthorn 3003 meters9853 feet

Bietschhorn 3953 meters12,970 feet
Grande Dent de Morcles 2980 meters9777 feet

Gross Wannehorn 3905 meters12,812 feet
Schilthorn 2973 meters9754 feet

Gross Nesthorn 3820 meters12,533 feet
Eggishorn 2934 meters9626 feet

Lauterbrunnen Breithorn 3779 meters12,399 feet
Uri Rothstock 2932 meters9620 feet

Balmhorn 3711 meters12,176 feet
Schwarzhorn Grindelwald 2930 meters9613 feet

Wetterhorn Mittelhorn 3708 meters12,166 feet
Gross Siedelhorn 2881 meters9452 feet

Wetterhorn Hash Jungfrau 3703 meters12,149 feet
Albristhorn 2764 meters9069 feet

Wetterhorn Rosenhorn 3691 meters12,110 feet
Rothihorn 2759 meters9052 feet

Blumlisalphorn 3671 meters12,044 feet
Faulhorn 2683 meters8803 feet

Gross Doldenhorn 3647 meters11,966 feet
Gummfluh 2461 meters8074 feet

Atels 3636 meters11,930 feet
Sulegg 2412 meters7914 feet

Dammastock 3633 meters11,920 feet
Vanil Noir 2395 meters7858 feet

Galenstock 3597 meters11,802 feet
Niesen 2366 meters7763 feet

Sustenhorn 3512 meters11,523 feet
Brienzer Rothhorn 2351 meters7714 feet

Gspaltenhorn 3442 meters11,293 feet
Tour d'Ai 2334 meters7658 feet


3418 meters11,214 feet
Hohgant 2202 meters7225 feet

Gross Huhnerstock 3348 meters10,985 feet
Stockhorn 2192 meters7192 feet

Ewigschneehorn 3331 meters10,929 feet
Kaiseregg 2189 meters7182 feet

Ritzlihorn 3282 meters10,768 feet
Mount Pilatus Tomlishorn 2132 meters6995 feet

Wildhorn 3264 meters10,709 feet
Chamossaire 2116 meters6943 feet

Wildstrubel 3253 meters10,673 feet
Gemmenalphorn 2064 meters6772 feet

Diablerets 3246 meters10,650 feet
Rochers de Naye 1740 meters5710 feet

Titlis 3239 meters10,627 feet
Moleson 2006 meters6582 feet

Gross Spannort 3205 meters10,516 feet
Dent de Jaman 1879 meters6165 feet

Napf 1411 meters4629 feet

List of passes

The chief passes of the Bernese Oberland, from the Lake of Geneva to the Furka, the Reuss Valley and the Lake of Lucerne, are:

Note: road status as of 1911.

Mountain passlocationtype (as of 1911)elevation

Lauithor Lauterbrunnen to the Eggishorn snow3700 meters12'140 feet
Mönchjoch Grindelwald to the Eggishorn snow3560 meters11'680 feet
Jungfraujoch Wengernalp to the Eggishorn snow3470 meters11'385 feet
Strahlegg Pass Grindelwald to the Grimsel snow3351 meters10'995 feet
Grünhornlücke Great Aletsch Glacier to the Fiescher Glacier snow3305 meters10'844 feet
Oberaarjoch Grimsel to the Eggishorn snow3233 meters10'607 feet
Gauli Pass Grimsel to Meiringen snow3206 meters10'519 feet
Petersgrat Lauterbrunnen to the Lötschental snow3205 meters10'516 feet
Lötschenlucke Lötschental to the Eggishorn snow3204 meters10'512 feet
Lauteraarsattel Grindelwald to the Grimsel snow3156 meters10'355 feet
Beichgrat Lötschental to the Belalp snow3136 meters10'289 feet
Lammernjoch Lenk to the Gemmi snow3132 meters10'276 feet
Triftlimmi Rhone Glacier to the Gadmental snow3109 meters10'200 feet
Sustenlimmi Stein Alp to Göschenen snow3103 meters10'181 feet
Gamchilucke Kiental to Lauterbrunnen snow2833 meters9295 feet
Tschiugel Pass Lauterbrunnen to Kandersteg snow2824 meters9265 feet
Hohthurli Pass Kandersteg to the Kiental foot path 2707 meters8882 feet
Lötschen Pass Kandersteg to the Lötschental snow2695 meters8842 feet
Sefinenfurka Lauterbrunnen to the Kiental foot path 2616 meters8583 feet
Wendenjoch Engelberg to the Gadmental snow2604 meters8544 feet
Furtwangsattel Guttannen to the Gadmental foot path 2558 meters8393 feet
Furka Pass Rhone Glacier to Andermatt carriage road 2436 meters7992 feet
Rawil Pass Sion to Lenk im Simmental bridle path 2415 meters7924 feet
Gemmi Pass Kandersteg to Leukerbad bridle path 2329 meters7641 feet
Surenen Pass Engelberg to Altdorf foot path 2305 meters7563 feet
Susten Pass Meiringen to Wassen partly carriage road 2262 meters7422 feet
Sanetsch Pass Sion to Saanen bridle path 2234 meters7331 feet
Joch Pass Meiringen to Engelberg bridle path 2215 meters7267 feet
Grimsel Pass Meiringen to the Rhone Glacier carriage road 2164 meters7100 feet
Kleine Scheidegg Grindelwald to Lauterbrunnen railway over 2064 meters6772 feet
Col de Cheville Sion to Bex bridle path 2049 meters6723 feet
Grosse Scheidegg Grindelwald to Meiringen bridle path 1967 meters6454 feet
Col de Jaman Montreux to Montbovon mule path over
railway tunnel beneath
1516 meters4974 feet
Brünig Pass Meiringen to Lucerne railway over 1035 meters3396 feet

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