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Canton of Lucerne

Canton of Lucerne

Flag of the canton
Area:1,493 km²
Lucerne (German Luzern) is a canton of Switzerland. It is located in the centre of Switzerland. The population is 350,600 (as of 2001). The cantonal capital is Lucerne.


The canton of Lucerne is located in the centre of Switzerland. It is drained by the river Reuss and the river Kleine Emme. The lands of the canton lie on the northern foothills of the Swiss Alps. The highest elevation of the canton of Lucerne is at the Brienzer Rothorn at 2,350m. The area of the canton is 1,493 km².

Location of the canton


The canton of Lucerne compromises of territories acquired by its capital Lucerne. The canton was part of the Helvetic Republic between 1798 and 1803. After this period the canton regained its independence within the Swiss Confederation. The canton at first attempted to pursue a policy of separation, but was defeated by the troops of the Swiss Confederation. The canton of Lucerne re-joined the confederation in 1848 as a full member.


About nine tenth of the total area are productive land. Agriculture is the most significant source of income, but industry is developped, too. The most important agricultural products are crops, fruit and cattle breeding. The industry concentrates on textiles, machinery, paper, wood, tobacco and metallurgical goods.

Tourism is of great importance. The canton of Lucerne is a gateway to holiday resorts in the nearby Alps, and much of the transit traffic between Germany and Italy crosses the region.


The population is mainly German speaking and the vast majority is Roman Catholic.

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