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S.K. Brann

S.K. Brann is a soccer club founded in Bergen, Norway in 1908. As early as 1917 they played their first Cup Final, but lost against Sarpsborg 1-4. Six years later, in 1923 they won the Final against Lyn 2-1.

S.K. Brann are two times league champions, in 1961/1962 and 1963.

Brann holds the world record in consecutive relegation and promotion from a top league. The "elevator-ride" started going down in 1979 and winning the 2nd division in 1980, and continued until they finally stayed in the 1st division in 1987. Brann has remained in the top flight ever since.

The season 2002 was the worst season for Brann in twelve seasons, which ended third from the bottom and had to play play-off to keep stay in the top leauge. Fortunately for Brann (equally unfortunately for Sandefjord, their opponent) the matches ended 0-0 (away), 2-1 (home), and Brann avoided relegation.

The current coach is Mons Ivar Mjelde, who has taken over after Teitur Thordarson. This is Mjeldes first assignment as Head Coach.

Head Coach: Mons Ivar Mjelde

Stadium: Brann Stadion

Norwegian League Champions: 1962, 1963

Norwegian Cup Champions: 1923, 1925, 1972, 1976, 1982

Quarter Final in Cup Winner's Cup 1996/7

Famous players: Roald Jensen Per Egil Ahlsen Rolf Birger Pedersen

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