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Olav III of Norway

Olav III Haraldsson Kyrre (d.1093), nicknamed Olav the Quiet or Olav the Peaceful was the king of Norway from 1067 until his death in 1093. During his reign the nation maintained a rare extended period of peace. He also strengthened the Norwegian church.

A son of King Harald III Hardraade, Olav took part in Viking invasion of England and might have fought in the Battle of Stamford Bridge. He shared the kingdom with his brother Magnus II until the latter's death in 1069, after which the country enjoyed a period of peace. A feature of his reign was the increasing importance of the towns including Bergen, founded by Olav in about 1070.

based on extracts from various sources including 1911 EB

Preceded by:
Magnus II
List of Norwegian monarchs Succeeded by:
Haakon Magnusson