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BBC Radio 4

BBC Radio 4 is a British domestic radio station which broadcasts a wide variety of chiefly spoken-word programmes including news, drama, comedy, science and history. It is broadcast on 92 - 95 MHz FM and 198 kHz AM (long wave); and via DAB, satellite, Freeview and the Internet.

Radio 4 is the second most popular British domestic radio station after Radio 2, and was awarded "UK Radio Station of the Year 2003" at the Sony Radio Academy Awards. Music and sport are the only two fields that generally fall outside the station's remit. There are occasional concerts, nevertheless, and ball-by-ball commentaries of most test matches played by the England cricket team are broadcast on long wave only. Because the long-wave service can be received clearly at sea in the vicinity of the British Isles, Radio 4 also carries regular weather forecasts for shipping and, when necessary, gale warnings.

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Radio 4 came into existence on 30 September 1967, when the BBC re-launched all of its domestic radio stations under new names. It had previously been known (following the fusion in late 1939 of the pre-war National and Regional Programmes) as the BBC Home Service, in distinction from the Overseas Service of the BBC (now the BBC World Service).

Current programmes

The overwhelming majority of programmes are now available on demand from Radio 4's Listen Again page, although RealNetworks' RealPlayer is required.

The BBC Radio 4 website groups programmes into various genres:

News and current affairs

Arts and drama

Religion and ethics

Comedy and quizzes




Former programmes

Many shows from the Radio 4 archives can now be heard on BBC 7.

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