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Battletech (MechWarrior) is a science-fiction board game, wargame, and role playing game (designed by FASA); which simulates warfare in the future, a future with giant robots, (known as BattleMechs), spaceships, fusion reactors, and lasers. Several computer games and forum games have been based off the game, as well as a televised animation and numerous books.

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Table of contents
1 Political Entities of BattleTech
2 Technology of BattleTech
3 Variations of BattleTech
4 Notable Battletech Artists, Designers, and Writers

Political Entities of BattleTech

BattleTech's universe is comprised of numerous interstellar human governments; these remnants of the effectively defunct Star League are fighting a war over the Inner Sphere.

The Great Houses and Successor States

The five principle Great Houses of the Inner Sphere, and the names of each Successor State they rule:

The Clans

Furthermore, invaders from beyond the Inner Sphere have been added to the mix; the Clans, who seek to conquer the Inner Sphere and capture Terra for their own.

The Clans, descendants of the Star League's army, were led from the Inner Sphere by general Aleksandr Kerensky. In the 3050s, they attacked the Inner Sphere in an attempt to conquer it and retake Terra. The Clan Invasion ensued.

Technology of BattleTech

Variations of BattleTech

The forum game Shattered Sphere is a notable variant of the BattleTech universe.

Notable Battletech Artists, Designers, and Writers

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