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Shattered Sphere

Shattered Sphere is a forum game based on an alternate history of the BattleTech universe. The meta-game is based loosely on the Classic BattleTech strategic warfare game, overlaid with a far more detailed system of economics and diplomacy, and with an emphasis on story writing and character development. Players apply for the position of Lord of one of the Great Houses or Khan of one of the Clans of Kerensky, or a subordinate of that House Lord or Clan Khan, or for a myriad of other positions including Periphery states, mercenary commands, and pirate bands. The Shattered Sphere forum has successfully completed two incarnations, and is in the process of organizing for the beginning of a third. Formerly hosted at the Frontier, Shattered Sphere has recently moved to its own server, but remains affiliated with the Frontier forums.

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Shattered Sphere's Forums where the game will be played.