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The fictional BattleTech universe is populated by a wide variety of interesting characters. Mostly nobility, as BattleTech has strong politics in its story.

Table of contents
1 Inner Sphere
2 Clans

Inner Sphere

Characters who are primarily associated with the Inner Sphere.

Anastacious Focht

Also known as Frederick Steiner.

Aldo Lestrade

Frederick Steiner

Also known as Anastacious Focht.

Hanse Davion

Known also by his nickname of "The Fox", for his shrewd and cunning
military and political strategies.

Hohiro Kurita

Jamie Wolf

Jerome Blake

The last Minister of Communications in the Star Leauge. Reformed the Minstry of Communications into Comstar and preserved Earth from the firestorm of the succession wars. His works are often quoted by Comstar adepts, especially members of the splinter group Word of Blake.

Julian Tiepolo

Justin Allard

Full name: Justin Xiang Allard

Kai Allard-Liao

Katrina Steiner

Special note: Not Katherine Steiner-Davion; Katrina is Katherine's grandmother.

Katherine Steiner-Davion

Special note: Not Katrina Steiner; Katherine is Katrina's granddaughter, but has taken to calling herself Katrina to reap the benefits of her grandmother's reputation, through association.

Maximillian Liao

Melissa Steiner

Daughter of Katrina Steiner and wife of Hanse Davion, Melissa became Archon of the Lyran half of the Federated Commonwealth. She was nearly universally beloved, by friends, allies, and enemies alike. The Lyran people in particular loved her dearly. Which is partially why at 7:21PM, on the 19th of June, 3055, on
Tharkad during a banquet she was attending, her assassination, broadcast live across the Inner Sphere, shocked all; even reaching into Clan space, where Phelan Ward learned of his mother's death, and father's maiming via the same bombs. The actual bombs used for the assassination were concealed in four flower pots housing flowering Mycosia Pseudoflora plants. (Genetically-engineered versions of the Mycosia blossoms which Hanse Davion had shipped to Terra for his and Melissa's wedding (For the bridesmaids' bouquets.), years before.) Mycosia, the naturally-occurring variety of the plant, blooms only once a year on the planet Andalusia, for a short period. The petals are green. After their surprise appearance at Melissa's wedding, she adopted them as her favorite; seldom appearing in public without some token reminder of the blossoms; moreso after Mycosia Pseudoflora was developed.

Myndo Waterly

Morgan Kell

Omi Kurita

Phelan Kell

Also known as Phelan Ward

Ryan Steiner

Sun-Tzu Liao

Theodore Kurita

Thomas Marik

Victor Steiner-Davion

Full name: Victor Ian Steiner-Davion

Yorinaga Kurita


Characters who are primarily associated with the Clans. Clan naming conventions differ from the more traditional of ones of the Inner Sphere; a Clanner is given only one name at the beginning of his or her life. No family names are given; they must be earned through combat, later in life. (When specificness is required, a Clanner uses his Clan's name as his family name; eg: "Vladimir Ward" would have been "Vladimir Wolf" before earning his Bloodname.)

Aidan Pryde

Aleksandr Kerensky

The Star League general who led the majority of its armed forces (The Star League Defense Force) beyond the
Periphery of the Inner Sphere, to eventually create the Clans.

Lincon Osis

Marthe Pryde

Natasha Kerensky

Also known by her nickname of "The Black Widow".

Nicholas Kerensky

Son of Aleksander Kerensky, and the man who formed the
Clans from the remnants of the Star League Defense Force.

Phelan Ward

Also known as Phelan Kell.

Ulric Kerensky

Vladimir Ward