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FASA Corporation was a role-playing game development company founded in 1980.

FASA's first major foray into the field was as a Traveller licensee, specializing in the work of the Keith Brothers. From there they moved into the first licensed Star Trek role-playing game, before producing several successful original games. These included:

FASA ceased active operations in the spring of 2001, but remains a corporation as it still holds IP and licenses them to publishers.

The BattleTech and Shadowrun properties were sold off to Wizkids, and FanPro LLC publishes them in English. The Earthdawn license was held by FASA until 2002, when it was also sold to Wizkids—however, it was recently sold back to FASA. Living Room Games publishes Earthdawn (Second Edition) now. Crimson Skies was always owned by Microsoft and used under license by FASA, so naturally the rights stayed with Microsoft. Rights to the miniatures game Vor the Maelstrom reverted to the designer Mike "Skuzzy" Neilson, but it has not been republished in any form.