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A bassist is an musician who plays a bass guitar or double bass. This page lists famous bassists in four categories, depending on whether they are primarily known for playing bass guitar, double bass, both, or their main instrument is unknown. Certain musical genres tend to use one or the other (for example, bass guitar for rock and roll or pop music but double bass for classical music and jazz) but the rule is not hard and fast.

The lists are organised by alphabetical order of surname and brief mention may be made of their specific contribution or famous groups they have worked with.

Table of contents
1 Bass Guitar
2 Double Bass
3 Bass Guitar and Double Bass
4 Unknown
5 Further Information

Bass Guitar

Double Bass

Bass Guitar and Double Bass


Further Information

There is also a list of Jazz Bassists, which contains a larger number of musicians but doesn't differentiate by instrument (although most will specialise in double bass).