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American Girls (band)

American Girls were an all-women band based in California, USA.

American Girls originally started as a film project, which fizzled. After some personnel changes and more rehearsing, the band surprised those who hadn't previously taken it seriously by taking on a life of its own. The band invariably sustained many comparisons to the Go-Gos, who were popular at the time as well as signed to the same label, IRS Records. However, American Girls featured veterans of the all-women band scene including Brie Howard who had played drums for Fanny and Miiko Watanabe who played bass with the notorious Screamin' Sirens. Despite their name and very big hair on the album cover, they knew how to rock. They recorded one album only, which was intended as a demo but was determined to be good as it was, it was pressed to vinyl in its original form. The album was eponymously titled, released in 1986. The cover shows the band in a hotel room, with booze, a deck of cards, and a copy of the National Enquirer, fully clothed and looking like they would like to be taken seriously.