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B'Elanna Torres

In the fictional Star Trek universe, B'Elanna Torres is a half-human, half-Klingon engineer in charge of keeping the Starship Voyager's systems operational. She was played by actress Roxann Dawson in the Television series Star Trek: Voyager, which ran for 7 seasons from 1995-2001.

B'Elanna was originally a member of the Maquis renegade group, where she developed a profound hatred of the Cardassians. After getting transported to the Delta quadrant the Maquis ship was destroyed and she became part of the Voyager crew. She became involved in a relationship with Tom Paris, starship pilot. During their seventh year on Voyager she and Tom married and had their first child.

She was known for her hot temper, and had occasional problems adjusting to life on Voyager. Her new captain, Kathryn Janeway, and her old Maquis captain, Chakotay helped her through many of her darkest times.