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Autechre are a Sheffield, England based electronic music group, working in what is described by some as the IDM style. Formed in 1991 by two friends, Rob Brown and Sean Booth. Booth and Brown have explained that the name Autechre can be pronounced in any way anyone sees fit. They themselves, pronounce it "Awe-tek-er". They are also often referred to by the nickname ae. Notable releases include Incunabula (1993), Tri Repetae (1995) and Confield (2001), all on the Warp Records label.

Although their music maintains a strong rhythmic element, the complexity of the beats and the digital textures makes the music more suited towards home listening than dance techno. Later work has been explicitly experimental and abstract. Reactions to their music vary; newcomers may find it random or chaotic, but repeated listens reveal it to be highly structured. Even fans disagree in their interpretations - there are those who would describe their music as cold and austere, whereas others perceive a warmth, sometimes even sentimentality, in their tunes.

In response to inevitable comments about their unique sound, Autechre themselves argue that given the incredible range of tools available to modern composers, especially in the electronic field, it is incomprehensible that any band should "sound like" any other band. Although this may seem like a ridiculous statement to make as well as an unrealistic expectation, Autechre have themselves proven that it's entirely possible to forge a completely unique sound that at the same time can bring forth incredible meaning and spirit rather than only being experimental.

With the release of their sixth album, Confield, there were some who suggested they had moved into the territory of generative music, but they strongly denied these allegations - see e.g. [1]. For their seventh album, Draft 7.30, they have definitively stated that every single note on it was sequenced.

They have also been known to record under pseudonyms, possibly as a way of escaping from the attentions of the media and the obsessive Autechre fanbase. Likely contenders are Lego Feet and Dual Purpose, Two 12" released in 1991 and 2001 on Skam records and 30Mil records respectively. They are also strongly involved in the Gescom project. Autechre also helped initiate the music festival All Tomorrow's Parties in 2000 and were responsible for curating the 2003 festival which resulted in the double-CD release Autechre curated All Tomorrow's Parties 3.0.




Also responsible for upwards of 40 remixes, from Tortoise to Merzbow to Saint Etienne.

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